This site was created to be a blog site on the subject of particulate matter, how it is formed, why it matters, what can be done about it, and policy to enable engineered interventions.

It was occasioned by the publication of the book Particulates Matter by Elsevier Press and RTI Press, which I co-authored with William Vizuette. I launched this site while the book was still in press. The intent is to serve as an addendum to the book; to report on and discuss the implications of new findings in the areas covered in the book. In the spirit of blogs in general, they will be linked to current events.

Comments are welcome and will be published after review. If merited, a response will also be included. Guest blogs will be considered, and if accepted, will be posted without editing, and the author will be clearly identified.

My background may be found on the back cover of the book and also at my LinkedIn site.

Vikram Rao

Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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